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Exclusive Use 


Are you looking to celebrate a special occasion, a big catch up with family and friends or just enjoying time and space together.
Consider booking Lydgate House Hotel for your exclusive use, accommodating up to 10 guests. Rest assured that your party will be the sole occupants of the hotel during your stay. For larger gatherings, you have the option to include the adjacent cottage, providing space for an additional 6 guests.
Relax in the hotel lounge catching up over a cup of tea, going for a walk from the hotel straight onto the moor, sitting in the garden taking in the beauty of the valley or meeting together at the end of the day in the lounge for a pre-dinner drink.
The hotel is yours to use as a place to enjoy and come back to after your day out.

Menus can be customised in collaboration with you, ensuring that all the culinary preferences of your group are taken into consideration.

We have the option to procure exclusive seafood choices such as oysters, whole lobsters, or crab, along with enticing selections like a whole gilt head bream or locally sourced Dartmoor venison loin or haunch, served with a delectable port and blackberry sauce – simply delightful.

Inform us of your group's preferred beverages, whether it's the local Dartmoor Whisky, a cask of Dartmoor Jail Ale, or a champagne from our esteemed wine merchants in Tavistock, and we will arrange it all to make your stay here personalised and memorable.

Consider adding a thoughtful touch, such as flowers in the rooms or their favorite chocolates, to enhance their indulgent experience during the stay.

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We are here to make your celebration or get together special for you and everyone in your party, so you leave us feeling relaxed and recharged.

If you would like us to put together a quote for you please do not hesitate to contact us either via telephone or email.

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